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1.     Enhancement of the creation and production of cultural goods and services in the ACP States in an interregional ACP context.

2.     Support for better access to local, regional, intra-ACP, European and international markets for ACP cultural goods and services.

3.     Strengthening of the capacities of cultural stakeholders, operators and entrepreneurs in the ACP States.



1.     Special attention will be given to actions whose partnership includes the Caribbean and/or Pacific regions due to their special geographical situation.

2.     Intra-ACP cooperation is in essence geographical and occurs at supra-regional level

3.     Emphasis is placed on support of South-South cooperation

4.     Proposed actions must take account of the economic and social dimension of culture

5.     Priority will be given to actions with real relevance for ACP final beneficiaries.


Applicant and partners

Non-governmental organisations (NGO) or private sector bodies except public televisions in one case, nationals of one of the eligible ACP States, a European Union applicant or EEA Member State, whose bylaws are registered from at least two years.


Geographic coverage


Actions must take place in one or several eligible countries:


1.     3 geographical areas (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific).

2.     6 ACP regions.

3.     27 member states of the European Union and 78 eligible ACP States.

4.     Final beneficiaries must be in ACP countries.

5.     Cuba, South Africa and Overseas countries and territories (OCTs) are under special rules.



1.     At least three (3) partners, including the applicant, from two ACP states

2.     When partnership involves African countries only, partners must come from two (2) African regions

3.     The number of ACP partners must be higher


Grant Amount
100.000 to 500.000 Euros (up to 800.000 Euro for cinema/audiovisual distribution/promotion), may not exceed 80% of the eligible budget
Sectors or themes


Lot 1: ACP Films II. Cinema/Audiovisual (7 Million Euros)


Ø Production

• Documentaries, TV series and films, animation films, full-length films, radio programmes, etc.

Ø Distribution/Promotion


• Distribution and dissemination of ACP works, support for programming of ACP works, broadcasters, networking of professionals, digital dissemination and exploitation, radio programming.


Ø Training/Professional development

• Developing capacities in cinema, audiovisual and radio activities to build the professionalism of these sectors in the intra-ACP area through initial or continuing training and training of trainers.


Lot 2: ACP Cultures II. All cultural sectors other than cinema and audiovisual (5 million Euros)

• Theatre, music, dance, written and oral literature, books and publishing, the plastic and visual arts, photography, applied arts, performing arts, development of the material and immaterial heritage, architecture, design, fashion, artisan/crafts activities, cultural tourism, etc.


Ø Branches of activity related to the creation, production and distribution

• Encouraging ACP cultural operators to cooperate and work at trans-national level, to develop common cultural activities and to foster the emergence of an 'industrial fabric' of ACP cultures.


Ø Branches of activity related to training and professional development

• Developing capacities in artistic and cultural occupations to improve the professionalism of the cultural sector in the intra-ACP area through ongoing training and the training of trainers.         


10th European Development Fund - EDF / Reference: EuropeAid/130966/D/ACT/ACPTPS


Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 June 2011


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