USAID-Ukraine HIV-AIDS programs

USAID-Ukraine HIV-AIDS program

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Ukraine is seeking grant proposals from NGO or for-profit nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to assist in implementation of Improved HIV/AIDS Services among Most-at-Risk Populations (MARPs) in Ukraine. USAID plans to provide a maximum of $22,000,000 to be allocated over a five-year period. USAID intends to award a single cooperative agreement as a result of this solicitation.

Program Objectives

=> Increase the quality of HIV/AIDS services targeted to MAPRs and their sexual partners

=> improve the design of HIV/AIDS services that are data-driven and respond to changing epidemic patterns

=> Improve the delivery of state of the art HIV/AIDS services

=> Strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian Institutions to deliver quality HIV/AIDS programs

Overall Project Approach

USAID/Ukraine is supporting the Improved HIV/AIDS Services among Most-at-Risk Populations project to reduce HIV transmission among most-at-risk populations (MARPs) through state of the art HIV/AIDS services delivered by Ukrainian organizations. These services include a range of behavioral, biomedical, and structural HIV/AIDS activities, community- and facility-based services, and communications. The project will provide technical assistance to national and local Ukrainian organizations to improve MARP's access to and use of HIV/AIDS services, with a focus on HIV prevention. At the end of the program's five years, Ukrainian organizations will have measurably increased capacity to deliver comprehensive, data-driven HIV/AIDS services with the ability to adjust these programs to changing epidemic patterns. Post-project, Ukrainian organizations will be able to access state of the art technical and capacity building resources offered through strengthened in-country organizations. The Improved HIV/AIDS Services among Most-at-Risk Populations project will work with national stakeholders and other donors to ensure cohesiveness with Partnership Framework goals. This program complements and adds value to existing and forthcoming HIV/AIDS initiatives, including those supported by the Global Fund and the United States Government (USG). The program builds upon achievements and lessons learned from current HIV/AIDS interventions.

Guiding Principles

Strategies and approaches proposed by applicants must be guided by the following principles, and applicants' proposals must demonstrate how their proposed approaches contribute directly to each of these guiding principles:

1. Public Health and Human Rights Approach

2. Evidence-based, High-Volume, High-Quality, Sustainable and Cost effective services

3. Emphasized Behavioral, Biomedical, and Structural Relevance

4. Optimization of Limited Resources

5. Civil Society Potential

6. Gender

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following evaluation criteria:

=> Technical merits of the applications

=> Technical Approach

=> Management and Staffing

=> Institutional Capacity and Experience

=> Past Performance

=> Cost Evaluations

Last date for submitting the applications is January 11, 2012.

For more info contact to:

Svitlana Shkulova,

Sr. Acquisition and Assistance,

Phone 380444927190,


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